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heyyyy there... welcome welcome to my blog, what would you like to drink coffee water anything you wanna eat just name it and id bring it ....make yourself at home need anything, want to know anything just ask me
ummmmmmmm stuff that you might want to know are
1- i love ps3
2- i love writing and reading
3- i think movies are awesome and music is therapy
4- my mom isn't my mom shes my best friend
5- her and I make fine of my brother and sister alot
6- she thinks im awesome
7- i was gonna keep this nine
8- my friends are my other family some of them are even more like a sister then a friend to me
9- this is number nine
10- if you hurt my mom, friends or anyone i love and care about, you'd wish that you were dead so yeah...
other then these things i think zac efron is hot and he and i are together forever ((even tho he might not know about it)) satan is not my lover hes just a friend i wouldn't dare do that to a friend.
im gonna reach my goal someday and im gonna travel the world with summer, ninja n, my cousin and anyone that want to join us. anyways thanks for stopping by you are always welcome in my blog, again if you need anything just ask me and ummmmm yeah.....byeeeeee beautiful person whom is ((or was)) reading this :)

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The bae is always there for me <3


Ariel and Eric + reuniting on the beach parallel {requested by princessjunelottie and anonymous}